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At Consultants to Management, we're not a solution looking to find a client problem or opportunity.  We're a select network of experienced consultants with interests and skills in broad range of program/project management related specialties.  Clients have found the following services useful:









Program/Project Management is a skill or function that can be applied to a variety of industries and all types of projects. Engineering, construction and information systems are all areas that can benefit from CtM's Project Management consulting services. These include:


Program/Project Management Consulting - Services to help in developing a project management organization and structure or services to help plan a major program or project. This service may also be used to diagnose a troubled project and provide recommendations for recovery.


Program/Project Management Support - Services to help a client manage an existing program or project, including Planning, Scheduling, Cost Control, Quality Assurance, Commu­nications and Reporting Systems.

The Program Management Office (PMO) is recognized as an important and effective organizational construct for managing and overseeing capital expenditures. A Program Management Office can exist at enterprise-wide or division-wide levels or it can exist to help manage one or more single major initiatives. Since most capital is authorized and spent on projects, a consistent approach, toolset, discipline and oversight are necessary to ensure appropriate management control. CTMís PMO services are tailored to suit a Chief Financial Officerís, Divisional VPís, or Program Managerís needs to help effectively manage their capital responsibilities. These include:


PMO Consulting - Services to help in developing a Program Management Office organiza-tion. CTM can provide the start-up knowledge of methods, project management tools, sample templates, training and coaching that is necessary to ensure the successful implementation of your PMO. Once operational, our project management experts are available to mentor and coach your PMO staff and project managers.


PMO Outsourcing Ė If your organization does not desire to retain permanent staff in the PMO role, CTM can provide the organization on a contract basis.   This service includes professional staff, tool hosting, training and coaching for the duration of the contract.

Other CtM services include:


  • Capital Budgeting: processes, procedures, effectiveness reviews
  • Project Reviews: assessment of progress, risk, quality, etc.
  • Management Audits: formal reviews of business processes/performance
  • Productivity Improvement: standards, critical success factors, processes
  • Crisis Management: disaster planning & recovery